Large Turbo Stick Wheel Cleaning Brush - Clean Inside Your Wheels Easily


  • Product Description

      Turbo Stick - Large


      The Turbo Stick is a unique wheel cleaning brush created specifically for cleaning those dirty, hard to reach areas on your wheels quickly and easily. Accumulation of brake dust and road grime on the inside of the wheel can permanently damage the finish. The Turbo Stick allows you to easily and thoroughly clean the back face and barrels of your car's wheels. Turn the job of cleaning your wheels from difficult to easy by simply connecting the Turbo Stick to your cordless drill and letting it do all the hard work. Turbo Stick does an amazing job, and it won’t harm your wheels!

      Turbo Stick uses a super soft non-woven material that is extremely effective at sweeping away stubborn brake dust and grime, while being safe for all wheel finishes. The shaft of the brush is made of an extremely durable polymer plastic which is both strong, and flexible and won’t scratch delicate wheel finishes.

      Turbo Stick is long enough to reach the back of the deepest wheel, and is narrow enough to fit in those tight areas between the brakes and inner wheel surface. The brush length down the shaft provides the necessary sweeping area to clean wide wheels to save even more time.

      If you like to keep your undercarriage looking its best, the Turbo Stick is also the right tool to reach suspension components and other hard to reach areas. The Turbo Stick Wheel Cleaning brush is also handy under the hood! Use your Turbo Stick with any general purpose cleaner/degreaser to clean all of those hard to reach areas in your engine compartment.

      Best of all, Turbo Stick is MADE IN THE USA and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!